Up Up and Away, come fly with Us across Fig Tree Bay and enjoy the wonderful scenery below. If you are 2 or 90 years old, YOU CAN DO IT.
No experience needed. It’s easy as ...

Through the years, we have flown thousands of people high up in the sky, but forget the old-fashion way of taking off from the beach and landing in the water. Now with our high-tech, powerful and spacious Parasailing boat, we will lift you 600ft. up in the air, and land you gently back on the boat, with EASE and COMFORT. Either its 2 of you or a group of 15, we will welcome you onto our luxurious boat and fly you in singles, doubles or triples. There are many combinations possible. The qualified BHPA operator, with 20 years of experience, will guarantee You a safe and pleasurable flight, while the others sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean, listening to our cool summer tunes. High quality photos are also available on request and all parasailers are being given a certificate at the end.

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